Noctambula for Fattelo!

Let there be light.
Winner of the Core77 Awards 2017 Open Design.







2017 | commission.

INFO → Fattelo! is a design-led open-source collective dedicated to spreading simple & clever little objects that can be done at home, upcycling waste materials or by getting one of their prepared kits. Emphasis is on developing objects that are fun to make, educational, and follow an honest open-design methodology.

We developed a strategy to produce a tutorial based on a simple premise: making a circuit (with a switch) from scratch.

A minimal circuit that folds into a lamp. We used the thin aluminium layer in a milk carton as the conductive layer. We cut, peeled and folded the rest in order to create a functional lamp that works through its material.

For the commercial Kit, we took the design down the core idea: the minimum elements to make a circuit. As such we ended up with a simple solution made of readily available materials. Likewise, Noctambula commercial can be fabricated in any FabLab equipped with a laser cutter and a vinyl cutter.

WITH → Federico Trucchia, Daniele Schinaia, Mattia Compagnucci (fattelo team) & Anna Queralt Maymó (Photography). 

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