Recycled Plastic Carabiner 

Useful waste.

Empowering local plastic recycling & education.




2020 | in-residence.

INFO → Precious Plastic is a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands dedicated to providing information and tools to collect and recycle plastic locally. It operates under a strict open-source principle, publishing all its developments, tutorials and machines online and for free. As an industrial designer, I helped them to develop useful objects that could be made using their DIY plastic injection machines. Designs that could be executed by a CNC'd or a laser-cutted mould, while providing the same performance with either way.

Usually a costly and highly industrial technique, injection moulding is great to produce objects that use the elastic properties of plastic. We developed a small polypropylene carabiner, that will be used in educational workshops where the recycling process is explained and the injection machine tested. At the same time, all products and machines were documented and published online, with detailed step by step tutorials.

WITH  Carolina EspinozaEasymoulds, & Hugh Coombs.

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