In 2011 I moved to Amsterdam for my first design job. I worked in a small studio dedicated to fine craft and Italian furniture. In 2014 I graduated from the renowned ‘design products’ MA (RCA), with a dissertation on open design.

Since then, I have worked for a handful of London-based consultancies until establishing myself as a freelancer in mid-2021. Currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Consultancy work taught me product strategy, user experience and how to work with diversity.

→ If you’re interested in my commercial work, please get in touch. 

Design ethos:

balance ishino

Become a specialized generalist.

Know the tools of your trade while you explore tangents, enhance your skills and ask questions.

Design is a humanist profession.


Appeal to all senses.

We live in a visual-first culture. However, tangibles should be graceful beyond their surface.

Look for umami.


Work inside & outside the screen.

Hyper reliance on renders is making us numb. Quick physical mockups are incredibly insightful while shaping things.

Always ask for material samples.


Practice playful pragmatism.

Make things work while they make you smile.


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